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Default Setting the facts straight

I have OCD and im here to tell you all the facts from the fiction.
1. OCD is not always linked to suicide
2. OCD is an urge to do a repeated or random task at a routine time for most OCD or at a random time for other OCD
3. OCD does not make you a freak
4. OCD is not always being a clean freak
5. "Monk" is a load of OCD shit
6. OCD makes you usually write/record things in your life a lot even if you DONT WANT TO!

here is a story of when i discovered my freakish ocd symptoms:
When i was about 8 years old, i had the urge to record the time whenever i looked at a clock. My parents found me always looking at a clock and writing times down. My mother took me to a doctor and showed him my paper filled with numbers and my mother looked all sad when she came back in from the doctors office. My mother tried to make me take meds and i kept refusing. Ever since then, my parents have never treated me like my siblings, they always change the channel if monk is on and i walk in the room (which PISSES ME OFF btw), my brother also calls me names like "freakchild" and uses insults like "hey look theres a clock!" whenever he gets pissed at me. He always told me i'd never ammount to anything and made me feel like shit all the time. Now, I have a job at a stock firm and my brother works at mc donalds. The Point? OCD can sometimes make your life suck or make it better. Depends on the situation you're in. Btw, im typing this after i've just taken 2 sleeping pills for my insomnia so i dont think half of this will make sense.
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