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Originally Posted by backtobackawesome View Post
because GOD trusted us.... thinking we could be good enough not to sin and do terrible things but we did.... and its only fair that we pay for it, thats why the new testament was sent by lord jesus to save us and let us know god has a place for sinners.... its justice beleive it or not
Again, you've got your own God's attributes wrong. The Christian God is omniscient (knows everything). He knew people were going to sin in the first place. This is another flaw in Christianity that you're probably gonna end up ignoring and going 'hurr durr jesus lord' and why am i even posting here.

Originally Posted by backtobackawesome View Post
lol.... theres things complex for us to get but that doesn mean you just GIVE UP.... put your faith in jesus and youll see
>Point out flaw in Christianity
>Response: 'durr god is 2deep4u'

I'm fucking sick of it.
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