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Default Re: mastubation=fear...and questions

Ohmygosh, the orgasm hurts like hell!

Just kidding. An orgasm is sort of a huge surge that just makes you want to moan. Sometimes, it's so good that your hairs stand up and you get goosebumps! Masturbation is a VERY common, almost everyone does it. By the time you die, you would of masturbated, or jacked off, once!

When you start masturbating, you can stop, but it takes awhile to orgasm. You should NOT stop the orgasm though! It's a very natural thing. NEVER stop the cum from coming out!! This is really bad and may damage some weird tubes in ur dick 0_o

Your cum should be white. That's the color of developed semen. Underdeveloped semen isn't fully there, but will change to white over the years.

For alot of tips and tricks, or just the regular way to masturbate, visit , a site just for guys about masturbation!
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