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Question Mastubation = Fear... and Questions

ok, so I am kind of like afraid to do it. Like, for one, I am like afraid of how its gonna feel. Yes, I know you all think this is absurd but just bare with me. Could someone please explain the orgasm part? like what it feels like and what it is. (I have already read the other thread similar to this question) all I know is it is a bodily sensation that you get once you masturbate. Like can you stop it etc? and once you cum how do you stop it from coming out. The only time I have cummed before is in my sleep and a few drips once I get to the bathroom in the morning. Another thing is I don't even know if I can masturbate. Like I am still going through puberty but my cum is whitish so I dunno? This is all a bit confuzing and scary for me so if I could get quite a few people's opinions and answers this would really help me out. thankyou.
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