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Default Re: bombarded by anorexic stars

professional models (not like Stuff magazine but like the ones that walk the walk and shit) are always so skinny because they have to fit into like any outfit and style. but its disgusting. 1. they're hurthing themselves and 2. if u girls think ur turning us guys on by being as skinny as possible....ur not. i agree that some men take bodybuilding a bit far, i dont see anything wrong with it until you have to take things that will possible harm you such as steroids to get better. thats where i draw the line of a lil crazy but not bad and bad + needs a life. Obesity and anorexia are basically the two extremees for average people (excluding people w/ severe deseases which possibly make them obscenely fat) i think anorexia is affecting teenage girls while obesity is taking a tole on the mid-age american adult who tends to not know enough about food and health. but tahts just my take on it is offline   Reply With Quote