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Originally Posted by backtobackawesome View Post
im just warning people... and athiests on this page really think they can go around say what they want without considering other peoples feelings and showing some respect well fuck that! if they dont show respect i wont either!
This is coming from a person who told someone to shut up and deal with the fact that 'God' let a man's three year old son die of cancer, and the other one die at childbirth. Seriously, if there's any lack of respect here, it's coming from you.

Originally Posted by backtobackawesome View Post
questioning gods authority is useless because he is GOD do you think youd have the time to answer all the million of prayers coming straight at you in one shot? no right? obvs not this takes time........ look at it from gods prespective.
You don't know God's perspective, don't pretend to. You're just a human, as are we all. Besides, your God is perfect. He should have no difficulty in answering prayers.

Originally Posted by backtobackawesome View Post
you have no right to call it bullshit take it back... if you just gave christ a chance i can bet in a second youll turn to him but by then it;kll be too late and you'll be guily in gods eyes
I have every right to say whatever the hell I want. If you don't like it, don't pay attention to it. What makes you think I haven't given God a chance? Besides, God would be happy to know I'm using good reasoning and logic to react to a situation - being all-knowing, he'd understand my reasons for not believing in him. I assume.

Originally Posted by backtobackawesome View Post
muhammed was a false prophet... seriosly what kind of prophet has sex with little girls? at the age of what...... 60 YEARS LOL. wtf. jesus would never do that he's the symbol of ultimate peace
What kind of God sends bears to maul 42 children? What kind of God is a homophobic, destructive hypocrite who changes his mind and decides to sacrifice himself for something he created? If God is anything, it's psychopathic.

On the note of Muhammed, marrying someone at an early age in puberty wasn't deemed 'bad' in society at the time. You have to realise that morality was completely different and is always subject to change depending on a consensus by society. It's wrong now because we know of the psychological (and other) consequences of forming relationships of such levels with children. (The age of consent in Britain was 12 until very recently.) Besides, your God has done far worse than Muhammed ever did. (Not that I am a Muslim.)

Originally Posted by backtobackawesome View Post
you know whats causing destruction in the world? nuclear weaporny. weres that coming from? science. thats what i thought, it causes nothing but havoc look at all these drone attacks in afhganistan its shameful.
Nothing but havoc...

... and just about every major technological advancement in the world. What you say doesn't change the fact that those scientific discoveries were accurate and true. Scientific observations have proved evolution true, and can predict the conditions of the universe up to 10 ^ -43 seconds after the Big Bang, which is very, very accurate. On the other hand, your religion has given rise to things like witch trials, slaughters and the vicious inquisition as well as intolerance. Tough, but it's true.

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