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Originally Posted by Crooked View Post
Telling someone they're going to hell just because they don't agree with you? And then telling them they deserve it (even though you're talking out of your ass seeing as you don't know them)? Whatever happened to WWJD?
im just warning people... and athiests on this page really think they can go around say what they want without considering other peoples feelings and showing some respect well fuck that! if they dont show respect i wont either!

deal with it

[QUOTE=embers;1427526]It doesn't make Christianity stupid, but it does lessen Christianity's credibility as a whole. Christianity can't account for the thousands of unanswered prayers of people who are suffering, nor can it give a valid reason for why God would leave said prayers unanswered besides the standered 'hurrr god is mysterious'.

questioning gods authority is useless because he is GOD do you think youd have the time to answer all the million of prayers coming straight at you in one shot? no right? obvs not this takes time........ look at it from gods prespective.

Originally Posted by embers View Post
Nope, it isn't a proven fact... it's probably what they taught you at the church, though. Fact is, there is nothing in the world that has proven your God, or any other God's existence. All that we have are bullshit philosophical musings ('first cause theory') and people who quote from the Bible as if it's a completely 100% accurate and trustworthy article, which it isn't.
you have no right to call it bullshit take it back... if you just gave christ a chance i can bet in a second youll turn to him but by then it;kll be too late and you'll be guily in gods eyes

Don't forget Muhammed, bro.
muhammed was a false prophet... seriosly what kind of prophet has sex with little girls? at the age of what...... 60 YEARS LOL. wtf. jesus would never do that he's the symbol of ultimate peace

Originally Posted by embers View Post
You know that internet you're using to make that post? Yeah... science. You know how people landed on the moon? Yeah... science. You know how just about anything works? Yeah. Science.
you know whats causing destruction in the world? nuclear weaporny. weres that coming from? science. thats what i thought, it causes nothing but havoc look at all these drone attacks in afhganistan its shameful.
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