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Originally Posted by Angel_Androgynous View Post
God should teach you how to spell...
So wait... why should he respect your beliefs if you don't respect his and yell at him how God is the only way?
It's a proven fact that there is a God? You've got to be kidding me. I would like to see sources of that proven fact other than a 3000 year old novel written by some dude to explain things that he couldn't with science.
Christ comes down for our since? Lolwut.
Umm... we can't use science to explain things?
Yes we can. We can't use imaginary friends to explain things... that's for sure.
You don't know if there is a God.... you believe that there is a God. Learn the difference.
In other words....
next time don't give me a neg rep for expressing what i feel is right. i believe in the lord jesus and that isnt going to change.... seriously if you think you and embers is being funny then piss right off because your both going to hell and you know it..... you ptobably deserve it too
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