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Originally Posted by mrdtf View Post
i dont want to be insensitive or offend anyone by saying this but i think christianity is just stupid because why would god let such awful things happen to people my uncle had a 3 year old son die from cancer surely that cant be the work or any 'god' then when he got re married he tried to have a second child it died at birth come on thats to far isn't it but luckily now he has a 2-3 month old healthy baby and he doesn't have to suffer but god is a sham i'm sorry but thats my opinion
just because god didnt answer ur prayer doesnt make christianity stupid ok shut up about other peoples beliefs and learn to respect ok? how can you say theres' no god as well its a proven fact that there is a god if there was'nt a god who create the universe? seriosly it blows my mind...... christ comes down for our since and heres u people thinking you can just put him aside and use science to explain things..........truth is..... YOU CANT.

god is the only way and I AM PROUD TO SAY I AM A BELIEVER.

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