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Default Re: bombarded by anorexic stars

Oh my god that is discusting!
I think some take it way to far in terms of eating disorders. I think some are just in need of a lifestyle change; eating as subway, drinking more than 2% juice drinks, exercising and just staying healthy.

I think nail thin models or rather plain 'thin' models have the same effect on women as men. My problem is that the male models are so buff, masculine, and athletic. I strive to be like that, and I'm getting more athletic and working out. But like I said, some have taken it way too far. In my opinion, the worst possible thing you could do to your body is start an eating disorder...

I think the standard should be changed, but this would take a very long time and I'm not sure how we could fix it except accept those who don't measure up to the outragious 'standard'. I think we could also eat healthier, and do other things to make yourself look better (a good haircut goes just as long of ways as losing 30 pounds).
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