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Default Re: Do you have an eating ritual?

Alright, I don't have OCD, but I have a ton of eating rituals. This isn't including anything to do with any eating disorder I may or may not have or have had.

My food cannot touch. Or I won't eat it. I will not put something in my mouth that I haven't smelled. Like, I smell each individual bite. I can do this subtly...sometimes, so people don't stare too much. I eat what I like the least first and all at the same time and then what I like a little more, saving the best for last. But if I have three different kinds of food, I eat one kind, then the next, and then the last. All as one. The exception to the touching rule is things like salads and soups. But even with salad and soup...I'll eat like, all the lettuce. Then all the carrots. Then the broccoli, etc. And if I miss a piece of one, I can't it eat. So when I finish, there's usually like a random piece of lettuce or broccoli or something in my bowl. If the food needs cut up, it needs to stay looking like it's whole, but be entirely cut up. So I'll cut it up then put it back together like a puzzle then eat it starting with the piece next to the top right, all the way to the top left then all the way down then continue from the top right all the way down and all the way to the left, and then eat the middle pieces in a certain order depending on how many there are.Then there are certain things I do with specific foods like how I eat them in certain pairs or how I split them up in my mouth or how I eat the crust and then the rest of the bread, etc, but it gets really detailed and complicated, and I've already written a book.
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