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Default Some of my stuff

Not many of you really know me tht well but I love photography lol. It always starts of pretty cheap but slowy escalates into the hundreds and then thousands lol. All in all I got about 2500 pounds worth of stuff, yes I do have a lot of money I shoot with DSLRs (the ones you see all of the paprazi with) and it's so much fun. I've got Canon EOS 350D, Canon 17-40mm f/4 L, Canon 70-200mm f/4 L and Canon 580EX Speedlite. Might not sound like much but it aint cheap lol. I take pictures of anything that interests me really.

Ne way, here is some of my stuff:

1) This one was so flukey, my cousin was like 'David, show me your camera' so I just aimed it at him and fired, turned out really nice:

2) Street photography (bscialy street stuff is the style of the pictures and th editing performed on them)

3) Another steet pic

4) Street style again - he was some random guy juggling so I took a pic

5) Then he started messing about with some other random juggling

6) These were some horses I saw


I've got some other shots I've taken which look nice, so I will post some more if you all want!

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