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Question I am new with a lot of questions!

ok , like I said before, I am new to the forums and have alot of questions regarding puberty. 1st off, I am 14, is it normal that I havent masturbated and/or orgasmed? 2nd on my sack, I have alot of these small bumps. I don't know if that is just where I am getting more hair or what.because I already have alot down there. plz answer regarding that. 3rd I don't really understand the cut/uncut thing. I dunno which one I am. can someone explaing how you know? and the foreskin thing. I don't understand that either. my final question is. I have this like brown stripe on my skin going up 3/4 of the way up my penis. is that normal or what? someone please answer theses questions for me...thankyou.

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