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Default Re: bann on public smoking

i will never touch a cigg in my life, but im not gonna go out and start preaching to smokers and shit, im not against them. you cant just be liike "i think smoking should be banned" its a shame, but do u realize how incradibly bad that would be for the economy? at least in america, the ciggarette industry is huge, u cant just take it out of the picture and expect nothing to happen w/ the economy. on the subject of smoking in public places, if the owner of a bar( a bar meaning just a bar, not a bar/restaurant) wants to have allow smoking in the bar, then i think that this is his choice. This is because, 1. he/she owns the establishment. 2. minors are not allowed in bars so it doesnt make a difference in the case of minors. If you dont want to go to that bar, then dont, if u dont want to work there, dont. Restaurants are different, minors are allowed and it is a family setting where smoking families and non-smokikng families can enjoy themselves. Smoking shouldnt be legal in restaurants (it isnt anmyre in NY) because all families/people are welcome, smokers should make their wawy to that bar that allows smoking, if they dont want to then they can step outside for their smoke and come back in. Smoking on the street? theres NO FUCKING WAY that u can get NYC to stop smoking as they walk on the street. i dont like it, but u cant be so stuck up, uve gotta learn to live and adjust, if i am about to walk by a guy puffing smoke like no tomarrow, i hold my breath for 2 seconds and then keep walking. if ur smoking in a car w/ a minor, stop bein a douchebag. you dont have the right to get that kid starting their life off around smoke. you should be a respectable person and realize that smoking is your choice but that doesnst mean that you should be an ass and not recognize that an 8 y/o kid in the back seat cant say much as they dont know much. you should be a good enough person to smoke when they're not around, let them make the poor decision to start smoking on their own, once they realize that their a shameful addict, shame on them is offline   Reply With Quote