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Default Re: survey please answer

1. Your Age: 14
2. Str8, gay, or bi?: str8
3. Your penis size (hard/erect): 6.5
4. Are you satisfied with your penis size?: i guess so, doesnt really matter
5. What would you say average size is?:6-7in
6. Amount of Pubic Hair?: enough
7. Are you satisfied with your pubic hair?: i dont like it much
8. Do you shave/trim your pubes?: no, its just gonna grow back
9.What other do you have hair in? chest hair, armpit hair (APH), leg, arm, facial (shave it), hands, knuckles, etc.
10.Do you consider yourself done with puberty?: no
11.Do you wear boxers or boxer-briefs or what?: boxers

12. Would you show your penis to a gfuy/girl if they asked you to?: why not, every guys got one, its nothing new.
13. Do you have a Girlfriend/boyfriend?: not currently
14. Do you want one?: couldnt hurt
15. Have you kissed someone?: yes
16. Have you had sex with someone?: yeah...
17. Did you enjoy it?: yeah
18. Have you ever had Oral sex?: yeah
19. Have you ever had Anal sex?: tried . . .
20. What other kinds?: nothing really

21. Do You masturbate?: yes
22. How often?: 1-2 a dayish but thats normal at my age i guess
23. Do you orgasm?: i woudlnt do it if i didnt
24. Do you do it often?: depends on what u call often
25.Do you pre-cum? no

26. Do you look at porn?: every now and then
27. If so, what types?: bjs, anal, lesbian, the norm
28. Have you ever been caught looking at porn?: thank goodness no
29. Do you masturbate while looking at porn?: who doesnt

30. Do you take showers or baths?: showers
31. Do you have sleepovers with friends?: sometimes
32. Do you compare penis sizes to friends?: i have
33. Do you compare your penis size with family members? never
34. Would you like to compare penis sizes with friends/family friends yes, fam no
35. Have you been seen naked by family members, by friends?: friends yes
36. Have your parents given you the talk yet (scary lol)?: no, they figured id know pretty much
37. Did you find this emberasing? n/a
38. Did your parents find this emberasing? n/a
39. What could be done to improve this survey? it was pretty good acctually nothing to major to change
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