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Default Re: first ejaculation

Well at the time, I really did not know what I was doing.I saw a kid acting like he was doing it at school.Than I went home before bed and did it.Since I was not sure what I was doing it took me around 30 mins.It also probably took more long because it was the first time.I was not looking, becuase I was not expecting anything.So than I finaly felt something.I looked under the bed and it was White stuff.I still jackoff to this day.But, since than everytime it feels better.The first time can be really fun man.You won't know what's comeing (haha comeing) and the feeling will be, but it won't be better than the other ones.Just enjoy the excitment, it's like your first time on a new Roller Coster.You won't know what to expect and that sometimes is a good thing.

But after that I looked while I did it and finally figured out what happened.It's one of the best feelings.

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