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I'm glad to say that things have been getting better!! I honestly don't know how to explain it, but I think I'm at the point where I'm not going to let a few harsh words of malcontent get to me. I'm their son, but I think that I'm over them right now. That might sound cold and harsh, but I know I have done so many good things that they have continually failed to recognize. More importantly, those good things make me happy and my parents can never take them away from me. I don't care if they're angry or mad at me for being bi. It's no big deal anymore, I am who I am and I won't ever let anyone tell me to change. My sexuality is something that defines me as my own person, not my parents. I know it will be rough when I get home, but I think I have found the strength in me to deal with it. Alex, Lynn, Sara and my boyfriend Justin have all helped me believe that I am a very significant individual. I thank them wholeheartedly for that I get nervous as hell when I think about coming home. Tomorrow's my last day here, then early morning Wednesday, I'll be on a plane heading back to lowly Indiana. I hope things have cooled off since the last time I spoke to my parents, but I can't help but believe that they are going to be infuriated when they meet me at the airport. I know I've still got hell to pay for being in a relationship with Justin and for being bi. I'll worry about that when I get home; not now. I'm having too much fun!!

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