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Default why do i feel so bad? (plzz i need help)(OPEN!)

im not quite sure if this belongs in this fourm but im writing it any way.

okay, so for the past month this boy that i really liked had been leading me on telling me that he likes me alot and that im absolutly perfect..and yada yda yda but i fell for him hard...we had sex and did some stuff and when he left for spring break he messaged me saying he wished hed asked me out before he left, and wanted to know if i'd wait until he came back so he could do it in person because i really ment somthing to him...and of course i said yes.....well i found out that over spring break he asked out another girl over the phone...hah...and that he had been fooling arond with her the same time he was with mee....that put me over the edge.

now he keeps telling me that im so easy and that no one likes me and im such a loser to think he actualy really liked mee....and hes spreading nasty rumours around about mee...and its really sick...all of ittt..

i feel like strangling him or somthingg...
i dont know what to do to get all this hate out of my system seeing as i have never truly disliked someone this much before....

can someone give me some advide???????????????????????????

Im getting a tatoo about LOVE
to cover up a scar that
remindes me just how much
i used to HATE Myself.
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