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Lightbulb We Should Have Fun

Among all the other suggestions that have spiked over the last 2 weeks, I've got another one!
I think we should have more fun. Govteen feels more like a community, and I'm not even a member there!

What they did for April Fool's Day was turn 4 selected members into "Admins", but really they're just added to the usergroup so they can get the Govfaces and the colored text for names. It was really funny, they can't do much of anything, but they look like Admins!

We should do things for holidays. It would be really interesting! And it's just a thought, it can die if nobody likes it

Edit: Oh god look at that. They removed an important forum and replaced it with a spam forum for the day. Why can't we do fun things like that!?!?

By the way, I feel like the Fabulous. of VT <3

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