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Wink Re: ** Official Female Puberty Survey **

Your Body:

Age: 15
Bra size: 38D
Shoe Size: 7
Body Type: Chubby
Height: 5ft 6
BMI: If i had any idea wa this ment i would tell you.


Have you started your puberty? Yes
At what age? 11
Do you think you were early or late starting? average to be honest.
At what age did your breasts start growing? about 12/13
Are you happy with your breast size? People take the mick sometimes cuz they are big but i don't really care im proud of em lol.
What do you think is your ideal size? I'm really happy where i am now.
What do you think is the average for girls your age? about 34C
Have you compared with others: Once or twice just talking about it.
At what age did you start growing pubic hair? god i can't remember lol.
Do you shave/trim your pubic hair? Nah whats the point.


Have you had sex? No
If you haven't when do you plan to? 18+ when i feel the time is right
would you take part in sexual activities with 3 or more people: No thats a bit weird.


Do you masterbate: Yes
How often: most nights
Do you orgasm: yep
How long does it take you: about 5-10 minutes (it take it slow lol)
Do you use any objects to help you? i used to.
At what age did you start: 13
What do you think about while masterbating: nothing really lol just enjoy the moment.
Do your friends know you do it? no i wouldn't ever tell them because they often joke about it.
Have you ever masterbated with someone else? No


Do you look at porn: yes
What types: videos
Have you ever been caught? Nope im careful if me parents found out ... AWKWARD.
Do you masterbate while watching porn: sometimes.

Sexual orientation, and relationships:

Sexuality: Straight
Is homosexuality ok? Hell yeah people should be-able to love who-ever they want, without having to be ashamed.
What do you look for in a boyfriend? nothing im not aloud, my dad knows literally everyone where i live i would never find away
Have you ever had a relationship: no

People and Places:

Do you have sleepovers with friends? Not aloud (over protective parents)
Do you compare boob sizes with friends? sometimes just talking about it.
Do you ever talk about puberty, sex with friends? if a friend needs help or advice we talk about it.
Have you ever been seen naked by family or friends? only when i was born.


What would you rate with survey : 9/10
Are there any questions you think should be removed? no if someone doesn't want to answer a certain question they will skip it
any other comments you would like to add? its good because it makes girls feel better about things that they may have fought they were alone with.

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