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Unhappy freaked out

i got drunk last night and called the guy who took advantage of me and started screaming at him "I KNOW YOU KNOW YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME YOU FUCKING CUNT I"LL FUCKING KILL YOU" at the tops of my lungs. he hung up on me and got his LITTLE sister whos my friend and doesnt know about it to call and ask me why i yelled at him. i just told her "you dont know tori, just leave it" while crying.
i'm completly embarressed one of my guy friends stayed wih me whil i calleed him because i was just crying and crying, and then me stupidly started telling him "i dont want to cut anymore, i dont want to" and i'm so mad at myself for telling him that, i didnt want him to know. i also told him how i tried to overdose last week, but i stopped after 10 pills.

i turst this guy, if anyone hes one person i trust. but i'm fucking angry i want to cut down on drinking but at the same time i dont, and i know thats bad.

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