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Default Re: His girlfriend!!

That's a quandry. Well heres my answers.
1. As to the liking you question. I could very well be that he likes you. He certainly likes to hang out with you and your friends. As to the hugging thing this could also mean he likes you.

HOWEVER, he could just be hugging lower because he wants to "cop a feel". Pardon the expression. I mean no offense but he could be flirting with you merely because he can. I do not know the guy so I cannot say for sure.

2. Try to find out how you feel about him and how he feels about you. Be Sure. No second thoughts.. If your positive you like him and need him more than his girlfriend then tell him. Then the rest is up to him. Pick you or his girlfriend. It would then be in the hands of fate ( a fickle mistress at best). If he likes you more than he will pick you . There is really no easy way to do this. Love triangles are always a bitch.

Get other peoples opinions before you act. Get different ideas. That way you cannot blame me if my advice fails. Good Luck =)
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