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Waiting, forever waiting.......
on the verge of the darkness; unable to cross, unwilling to go back.

For isn't that the principle of life?- To wait?
Life is one strenuous line, stretched to a limited eternity.

Trusting this sweet, sweet caricature; a picture of beauty, preserved forevermore...........what end can come without begining?

What is the begining?
Where is it distinguished from the end.
Don't all thngs end..........what's the point of begining - is it not the end?

Anxiety of anticipation draws the sweat out,
Watch the clock tick your final hours of pain and suffering.
Hate it, your begining, your end.

Is this our path, is it mine?
End is final, Fate endures time.

"Idle hands are the devil's plaything"

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