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Default Re: Just need a little help, brother's dead...

Originally Posted by zxc2qwe View Post
Hey guys, beforehand let me tell you that i don't have any suicidal thoughts. I just....idk, i felt like telling my story to someone or something, just to get it out of my system. My older brother (He was 19) was killed in afghanistan a month ago. He was in the army, some kind of special forces. I pray everyday for him and stuff, and it hurts to think about his death and everything. But my parents are acting like its nothing. They're just like, "It happens, people die, it was his decision to join anyway." Everytime i bring it up, my dad's just like, "Suck it up." My mom was really sad at first, when the news came. But they just don't care now. They haven't visited the cemetary ever since it happened. My friend takes me there every weekend, its 30 min away. I just came here for advice, of why my parents are acting like this. It doesn't make sense.....IDK why i can't get over it, he was just always know. Its just different without talking to him and stuff. I was wondering if my parents are acting like this because they're sad or if they just don't care. I know its kind of weird talking to online people i don't even know. But i just need to get this out of my sytem...i guess. Well thank-you, and it'd be nice if you could pray or somethin.

Ok let me clarify your parents feelings with one simple saying that goes through my head daily atleast 10 times

,, It is very easy to deny something's existance or whatever happend, as long as it doesn't involve you, you are safe from it ''

I am very sure you're parents are also sad they just don't wan't to talk about it, don't even imagine for 1 second that you're parents don't care, the only people who wouldn't care about their childs death would be sick, and I'd like to think optimisticly that you'r parents loved the both of you

It's just some things are hard to talk about, and are best left 'under'

But if it realy bothers you tell them what you feel, it is realy the only thing you could do

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