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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

hey guys, icy 1996 here. I have a tight foreskin and if i want to masturbate with my foreskin retracted i usually have to do while flaccid and then touch till errect. my problem is that it takes forever or i cant get to orgasm very often with my foreskin retracted becuz it hurts when i masturbate even if i use my soit or water as lubricant. Also im worried about my penis cuz wen foreskin is retracted, the head turns a lil purple after a while. also i think that the way i usually masturbate is taking sensitivity on how it should be done. i usually put my penis in the palm of my right hand, put my left hand on top and roll it back and forth. that is the only way ive been able to get off with foreskin retracted though. also do u guys know any techniques without lube?
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