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i'm glad you started eating! that's definitly good! 116 is really, really low for you. i hope you don't lose anymore...!

i'm really sorry about you parents and their reaction to your sexuality. i think that they reacted horribly. they may not agree with your choice, but it's your choice, and i think that they disrespected you. i'm sorry! sometimes parents have unrealistic expectations and it sounds like your parents do. but i think that you are now at an age where you have to be you. and they have to respect that. or at least they need to try. hopefully they will come around a little bit to where they at least will talk to you calmly, or try and understand you. i'm so sorry for the things they said to you. but here at VT you aren't a failure. you succeed in helping people feel better, keep people from committing suicide, and brighten people's moods. that isn't failure, that's success!

try and have fun the rest of the time you are in italy. you'll have plenty of time to worry about your parents when you get back home. be safe and have fun!

take care! i'll be thinking about you.

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