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Default Re: My Boyfriend....

i know what you mean because the same thing happened with my girlfriend and me. so this is what i would suggest. think about whether you like him enough to continue through this hard period. if you don't, break it off because its just going to get worse otherwise. if you do like him enough maybe you should talk to him and find out if he still likes you in the same way. if he does i would try something to give things a kick start again like planning to go on a picnic or movies or dinner, etc. me and my girlfriend did the same thing and basically we found that we were taking eachother for granted and not relising it. so we decided that we would always make time for eachother and do special things together and this has worked well because we are still together now. being 13 our options are limited for special things because we can't drive for another 4 years (thank goodness for the local bus) but we just try to enjoy the time we do have together to the max.
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