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Default Re: Rape

hun you need to report this
it dosent matter if he was high or not thousands of people get high everyday they dont rape someone
you need to tell your parents what happened
go to the police, fire fighters, nurse, teacher, counselor..anyone
I was molested for a long time and he TERRIFIED me It took me close to a decade to face my demons caused by that and you have no idea how close they came to winning

he hurt you, used you, violated you, make him pay!

Don't repeat my mistake hun
be strong the hard parts over
you survived
your going to be alright
just tell someone

one of the main reasons i never told anyone for yrs and still to this day VERY few know is because I was terrified nobody would belive me
its a fear felt by MANY victims
it gets to the point where you yourself think you did something to deserve it
its bullshit
this was NOT your fault
it DID happen
they WILL belive


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