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Default Re: Death Sentence ,do you think it is a cruel punishment?

Originally Posted by MNHockey11 View Post
i dont.

The death penalty is exterminating a criminal that committed the highest crime possible. Amendment VI says this because they are obviously referring to torturing someone. If they were referring to killing a mass murderer, then we wouldnt have the Death Penalty.

Also, dont you think someone who killed 10 people should be killed too? This isnt just to kill someone, its to insure that the criminal can never hurt the lives of anyone else. Yes, there is LIPWP (Life in Prison Without Parole) but that is keeping the criminal in there for his whole life. If he didnt want to be killed, then he shouldnt have killed others.

Also, the death penalty acts a great deterrent for further executable crimes. A criminal has the fear of being killed himself if he kills another.

Also, killing someone is not just a 'mistake'. It is a well thought over decision by the murderer...and if they didnt think about it, then what does that tell you?
You are correct about the amendment but however i DO NOT agree with the death penalty at all. I think that it is murder. Why commit the crime the criminal committed in the first place. I consider condemning someone to death God's job. If a human takes the life of another human intentionally it is murder. Murder is a sin and SHOULD NOT be committed.

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