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Lightbulb Re: penis growth with masturbation

WOW! I can feel the Testosterone flying .....ask me later, if you wish to know LOL answer your question, No. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you tug at your "friend" it won't get any longer. think about many men are on this planet? And how many do you think wank? ..........We'd all have gigantic penises and wouldn't be able to walk (or J/O, unless our hands grew too). Don't worry, it'll grow be patient . And if it doesn't get as big as you like, hey it happens to the best of us............. yes you heard right. "The best of us" (includin moi) calm down. If you stroke it and it feels good, you're fine. So stop worryin.

Besides, who wants an oversized dick? Isn't America supposed to be fighting Obesity?

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