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Originally Posted by jma08 View Post
1. The majority of people currently living with HIV in the USA are still men who have sex with men. The total number of men who have HIV in the US is 30,660. 35 percent of heterosexual men make up the total number of men who have HIV (approximately 10,731). That means that 65 percent of homosexual men (approximately 19,929) have HIV.
UMM, let's take a better look at that... By the figures you quote, 65% of HIV positive males are homosexual. However you claim 65% of homosexual males are HIV positive. BIG BIG difference and horribly incorrect.

True, most new cases of HIV are found in gay males, and this is mostly due to various lifestyle factors, drug use, club culture etc...

The image below shows the transmission categories of adults and adolescents
with HIV/AIDS diagnosed during 2005.

Also, in 2005, African Americans, who make up approximately 12% of the US population, accounted for almost half of the estimated number of HIV/AIDS cases diagnosed.

So anyways there are a lot more factors involved than sexual orientation...

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