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Default Re: I know..I know..I'm a mom, but I need HELP

Originally Posted by Hockeymom View Post
I have an almost 11 yr old daughter who has been hiding candy and food in her room to eat after she goes to bed. Her dad has a weight problem, her dads family all has weight problems, and unfortunately she's beginning to have one. She is pretty much always allowed this kind of stuff with in reason. I've tried talking, yelling, grounding, calmly explaining...but I'm at a loss. What would get through to you?? Should I get rid of all of it and not allow it in the house? Please help me out... I'm getting desperate.
Thank you!!!!!!
I had the same problem with my older sister a couple of years ago. She got really depressed over our parents deaths and just started doing nothing all day. I found out(after three months) that taking her to the gym with me helped alot. You have a 1 year old daughter i would suggest taking the candy away(yea i know chocolate is good),Encourage her to eat more health,Show her you can stay away from sweets too, And dont let your other children have candy too, becuase that will make her want it alot more.

Originally Posted by mlatch View Post
I used to do the same thing. In fact, I sometimes still do, of course, I cough it back up...but that's beside the point. Eating any less than three hours before going to bed (sleeping) is very bad for you, as your body slows down during the night. Be right on top of her and find out where she puts the stuff, the trash, when she gets it, where her "stash" is, if she has one, etc. Chack constantly.
I do the same thing atleast once a week were i eat dinner with my gf and then just fall asleep at my house when i get home. I think it has to do what you said slows down, but i found out THROW UP or it becomes worse.
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