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another argument is that if you are brought up with two dads, and brought up completely to knwo that being gay is as normal as being striaght, then you are FAR more likely to choose to be gay when you are of the age.

i was brought up by striaght parents, and i didnt find out what homosexuality was until i was about 8. i had already known that i was straight before then.

now, since i know what you guys are going to say,"you didnt choose to be straight". actually, i did. i was not straight when i was born, i was asexual. so, when i was of the age where i found out that i liked the opposite sex, i was straight, but before then, i was not. therefore, i turned straight.

everyone in here disagrees with me, and thats funny because everyone in here has had that experience but is either too dumb to realize it, or are just in denial.

the case is closed, because i proved a fault in your statement. you will tell me that you and many others have proved fault in mine. but, since my argument is so stable and legitimate, it is unable to be proven of a different answer than mine.
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