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Originally Posted by Dameon View Post
He used to undress me with his eyes all the time..........I guess he was just REALLY horny. He asked me to marry him on the school bus. He made me kinda angry cause the whole bus heard and thought I was gay (that was 6th grade, I didn't know then). So the next day , I wasn't thinkin, I went up to him in the football (soccer) fields and kissed him. Gone with the wind style. I wished he coulda followed my lead, then maybe I could've got slapped and avoided the black eye. LOL, THAT was hard explainin to my ma.Funny though, While I was scheming I was sure that I would be embarrassing such luck!
Nice... I don't know man, some people are just crazy and act like they're gay or bi, and then when you come on to them they don't expect it and go crazy. Ah well.

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