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Default Re: PLZ give me advice on this one (privatestory)

sorry for my lang. but kick his ass you shouldn't have to put up with that. tell you mom ya it's going to be embarasing but it the right thing to do but if you mom doesn't beleive you talk to you school counsaler then maby the police becase your a miner (under the age of 18) so he can do some ..... never mind a lot of jail time becase he is hrassing you and tring to git it you pants. O, and if know one belives you vido tape him then go to the police becase you have avadents. well i hope that will help you (sorry for my lang, kick that son of a mother fuckers ass hard for me that dame molester is trying to get in you pants so kick his ass hared well sorry agin to all that read this for my lang)

Screw you George Bush and you Jim Kerry we dont need more old people to tell us what to do.....

<------this is my dad
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