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i had no idea...

not eating completely is bad. dieting is okay. you need to eat a little bit everyday. and i understand about not wanting to eat. you used to cut to control things in your life. now you don't eat as a way to exert that same control. i understand that because i'm doing it too. but you not eating and wasting away isn't going to help anything. or anyone.

you're losing control now i think, because it has gotton to the point of where now you aren't even hungry. and you're losing now. control is all about winning, and right now you aren't. with you not eating, you are going to collapse and ed up in the hospital. and we both know that those places are the epitomes of hell.

please start eating. i would definitly miss you. and i know sara and lots of others would too. things are bad now at school. that's understandable. but maybe you should talk to someone about the things that are bothering you. i think that would help.

i care about you. i hope this helpful. sorry i didn't see this earlier when you wrote it! take care! hope you're having fun in italy!

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