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Originally Posted by jma08 View Post
hi xull! have a slpendid time here
Kool, dude you don't know how close you live to me.You well find out soon enough, I just like to wait a while before I give out lot's of info.You probably go to Carmel High, I know some people there.I thaught about going there as one of my back up choises.Also to let you guys know.I can't spell woth a crap.Also what is the biggest rule here that really sets you guys off?I have my own forumes and we ALWAYS tell people the rules when they regester.I just wanna know, so I don't make the Mods mad.There usually the last people you wanna make mad.

If the world did not suck, it would all fall apart.

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I know, I can't spell for my life.I suck at it.
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