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Best example I can give is this: (sorry if this is deemed rude)

When you're born, do you enjoy anal sex?
Much like how you don't like men to an extent.

When you're older, you may come across a picture and be turned on.
Whereas the next guy may be turned off by this type of sexual act.

The same can go for Gays and Straights, we don't CHOSE what will turn us on, it just occurs.

You can't "choose" to be gay. No matter how much I think of men, I can't get an erection from it, so I'm not gay. However show me a good woman and I can get one. I didn't pick to be straight, I was born this way, much like a man who enjoys anal sex would claim he was born that way.

and your ignorance for a 14 year old is actually quite astounding, I'm shocked you actually believe that you at age 14 know more than world leading psychologists/sociologists who've proven it's from birth.
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