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Not eating is a bad thing. Trust me I know. I barely eat. I only eat when my friends or loved ones ask me to. Though with current things... you know what happened... I can't eat. Not when anyone asks me to. I'm at 120 and I'm on my way to be 100. The perfect weight in my opinion. I know what it could do to me, but I know what i want. Apparently you do too. But it's bad. I try to eat, atleast. And I have to tell myself that if i don't, I could die. And I can't do that. For some reason everyone would miss me. I know I would miss you if something happened to you. You've really helped me when I've been in trouble.

Now that we're done, I'm so sorry
Why did I lie, I'm so sorry
I know I hurt you
I know I hurt you
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