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Unhappy He doesnt get it...

every since my dad found out "used to" cut for like 3 years, and tried to overdose last year,
nothings changed.
i dont know what i want to change, so if he asked me what he should do, i couldnt say anything. but he hasnt.
i'm positive a lot of you understand that getting up and going to school can be as hard as hell when your very depressed. i havnt gone to a full day of school in 4 months, the WHOLE school year i have missed more than half of all my classes.
and my dad doesnt understand that its really hard for me.

but yet,
hes very understanding of his girlfriend [who is very depressed also] who hasnt gone to work for the last few months and got fired from her last job for missing so much.

he doesnt even get that the concept is the same? WTF?
he just yells and yells at me, he doesnt get it.

i dont know what to do anymore.
i'm close to getting kicked out [not jsut because of that but i'm always out with my friends, and i geuss it looks bad when i'm not goign to school]

i'm so stressed out.
i was suppose to of left for school 10 minutes ago.
i really dont want to go, i'm so frustrated.

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