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Default Re: im embarresed to say but

That's when you gotta be good friends with the parents.

1. Do things like when you call, "Hello sir, may I please speak to Hannah Montannia?" Yes "Alright, Thanks" I am sure you know about the other way around.

2. If you EVER take her on a date, pick here up at the door and make sure she get's in ok.If you really wanna impress them, it might work.Don't hold her hand, but wrap arms.

3. Since your a guy, find a good way where you and her dad or brother might work can conect and have a friendship.This might come in us later if you ask her out.

4. Ask your parents if she can come over for dinner.They might see that as your parents want to get to know her.They might just do the same for you.Always builds a good solid base for the two familys if you ask me.

I got to go, but I might think of more.It's just good basic things that might help her parents like you more.Take it easy and don't just jump in the fast lane, but don't get in the traffic jam where you become more friends with her than you should and she would not wanna be with you since your such good friends.And last, become good friends with the other damily member may not be so good.That happened to me and her bro wanted her to break up with me and be best friends with me.Be careful, your in a tight space and if you make the wrong move you could be doomed.

I should return to help you.

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