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Default Re: when is the right time for sex?

I know your queston has probably been asnwered, but can I say one more thing?Anthony and Octo made a good point.You wanna put both of their ideas together.I just want you to know the whole 360 degrees.Mabey you should go Goggle somthing like, What happens if your too young and your girl is pregnate.You know you can ask anything on Goggle.But, to take care of the kid you need money, and to get money you need a job.Your 13.In America, 13 is not good enough!Like Octo said atleast wait tell your 16 and you have a job.Just read some of the stories they have one there.I am sure they have some.You know what is the worst thing in my eyes?When you spend all your collage money on your baby and you end up a really poor life.A kid can screw your whole life up.Find some stories and read some of them.They might tell you something.

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