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Default Re: penis growth with masturbation

I have always thaught so too.We kinda asked our Sex Ed teacher about Masterbation and one of the questons was, "will it make it shorter".Becuase I have also heard that it might make it shorter(I don't believe it now).She said Noooo.She said, "if anything it well get longer becuase your yanking it all the time right?".She was probably just stateing that it's ok, but if it did I am not sure if it would make a difference.If so, nothing noticeable.I have been doing it ever since my dick started growing so I really can't say.Where am I at with others?About the same, mabey a lil more.Not saying it does, just might be that guys in my family get huge dicks.I am sure the Chineze guys that tow R.V.'s with there Dicks might get a lil longer, but I am sure that's painful, they won't have kids, and, might even hurt it.Nothing I would do to get a longer dick!I would tell you that right now!

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