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Originally Posted by judahtics View Post
God did create perfect beings, who then committed sin which made them imperfect beings. this is if you believe the Bible anyway.
God this, God that, God didn't mean this, God means this, God approves of, God disproves of, God hates, God loves, God forgives, God is unforgiving, God kills, God brings joy, blah fucking blah. It's all just nonsense and when I hear it I imagine a pig rolling around in his pile of mud and shit.

Sure, you have your stupid religious texts to pull out quotes from to sort of prove your statement of what your God might think, but you've literally never seen or heard him, neither can anyone prove they did. Sure, you can have those dumb books where people state 'they went to heaven or hell', but the truth is it's all made for the $$$. Sorry, but blind faith makes good money and is so easy to convince people with.

You can say God said this and that or whatever but it literally means nothing in a debate unless you can give scientific proof that a God exists. That's why these past few pages have been utterly useless. In fact, most of the debates in this thread are useless and don't go anywhere. That's why we're at over 100 pages.

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