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Default Re: Non Self Harm Calendar!

Ummm... Im so sorry writting some of those things... i was starting to get bored, luckly i didnt post when I was actually bored cause i would probally have called u some things. I even raged at a friend (deadspace) on skype and it wasnt very nice. I didnt meant to offend u guys (or mabye i did but i cant remember). Btw i meant by punching people to do boxing or some other sport involving violence. And i didnt lie about doing those things.
And by artificial crap i mentioned that it was a bad idea and it could be use in a different type of market, so dont get mad at me for that. Also an Idiot woudnt write that, an Idiot would write u are all retards and i didnt write anything like that.
And who said I didnt accept what u do, also it was just a stupid Idea so dont rage me.
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