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LMAO, 100%? I have a 14 year old friend who claims to not know what masturbation is, and I seriously believe him, he's like secluded from society and has like no sexuality, he's very strange...
But yeah, most girls won't admit they masturbate, and asking them will make them think you're the strangest person on Earth. The only way a girl would open up to a guy in real life about masturbation is if they were really close friends or possibly in a relationship. And, if no one else discusses hentai, then don't bring it up, other people don't need to know what type of porn you like, if you watch other types, discuss those instead, or you could just completely avoid the topic of porn. (BTW, I don't see how this is puberty related, but it is his first post, and slightly relates to it, so I'm notgoing to request a lock)

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