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Talking Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

I always knew I liked guys, but sometimes I would stare at other girls, and I liked it... I would come home from school, lay down and think, but I always denied myself by saying "there's no way I'm bi" or "what will my boyfriend think?" Then about a month later (I was now single and my ex was constantly texting me.. Like every day...) And he started asking questions, because while we dated he noticed that I sometimes stare at other girls.. I never thought he would notice.. He asked if i was a lesbian, I said no. Then he asked if I was bi... I hesitated to answer, and then I explained everything, but in the end i continued to deny it countless times, he wouldn't give up till i gave him an answer.. After about an hour of denying... I knew I was bi, and denying it wasnt going to get me anywhere.. I told him that I was.. And i was so relieves to finally get it off my chest.. Now I'm happily bi and loving it but he and my best friend are the only ones who know... My parents think bisexuals are gross, and I dont want to tell them and have them be disgusted by me... But I'm fine with hiding it, at least until I'm out of highschool...

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