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Default Re: Do you have an eating ritual?

first off - none of my food can touch. sometimes i can only have one course at a time on the plate at once.

i always finish whatever i started first. i can't move from one course to the next.

if i'm eating a sandwich, burger, or something else like that, i always eat it around. i can't eat from one side to the other.

with tacos and hot dogs, things of that nature, i eat a bite from one side then the other until it's done.

corn dogs, i always eat the corn bread off then eat the hotdog.

cereal, if it's like cherrio's or something that i can count, it always has to be an odd number on the spoon.

i can't eat unless i have something to drink.

always have to have an odd number of icecubes in my glass, same thing with veggies and meat.

there is more i can't think of right now, but that's some of it.
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