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Default Re: Do you have an eating ritual?

Not counting anorexia-related eating rituals, but just my OCD ones, I eat the foods I have in the exact order I like them. And depending on the food, there is a certain way I have to eat it. This part may just be picky, but I will not eat Asian food without chopsticks.

But even the specific things I do for eating different foods typically follows the best for last concept, but it's not just the order of eating foods, it's a bit further. Like I'll go out of my way and be very careful about it just to eat it how I want to. Like I'll eat crusts first before the rest of the bread, snacks have to be turned a certain way when I put them in my mouth. Let's see... I eat the tops of asparagus before the stem. Umm... I also have a large focus on eating mixed items proportional. So, for instance, if I'm having a salad, I'll judge based on how much of the other veggies/croutons/etc. there is in the salad, and try to eat the salad and the toppings at a rate together which I will eat a proportional amount of all of it so I'm not left with a lot of cucumbers at the end and I only had a couple of them when I started, or something similar to that. Soup however doesn't follow that rule, it just follows the best for last one. Desserts have to be proportional though, and a lot of other meals as well. Sandwiches and wraps are the same (more wraps though, I prefer veggie pita wraps to veggie sandwiches ).

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