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Originally Posted by Underground_Network View Post
Eh, if you're not going to ask a guy out, then just wait, only time will tell... but, also, where I live its just like that, a girl asking a guy out is just strange, but trust me, there are a helluva lot of guys who would prefer a girl asked them than having to ask a girl out, including me. I would much prefer if a girl asked me out, then I wouldn't have to worry about nerves and stuff, but I presume girls feel the same way when it comes to them asking someone out. Its kind of a relief being asked out, rather than being the one who asks someone out, and I'm different, and I don't mind standing out from the crowd, I do things no one else in my school would do, nothing extremely outrageous, but I hang out with everybody, I'm friends with some of the "cool" kids, as well as with the kids who are outcasts, or kids who have like no friends. My life is fucked up, but I'm just gonna live it how I feel, don't be socially restricted, take a stand, do something different, I know it hurts if they make fun of you. But what if you do it covertly/privately, and if the boy says yes, no problem, and if he says no, and he doesn't care, it won't be a big deal either, because no one else will know. I hope you get the perfect guy. Much Luck
About no one knowing. My town is plagued by gossip, so actually everyone would know. And that would suck.
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